Fitness & Health Tips for Office Workers

Being in the office as worker can mean less physical activity more sitting throughout the day. Sitting in one position for a long period of time and a lack of physical activity, particularly in combination withwork-related stress, can negatively impact overall health, not necessarily good for flexibility, muscular strength, and the health of our lungs and heart. Recent studies have shown that desk-bound works whospend long periods of time sitting down are more likely to die of heart problems.

Only a small number of office works take the minimum recommended amount of exercise, which amounts to at least 30 minutes for five days a week.

Office works also should be aware of diet and nutrition. Once you are back in the office and less active, its too easy to fall into a routine of snacking the wrong way and overeating at lunch. Doctor advice that works build health and fitness regiments into their daily office routine.

The following ideas for those with desk jobs on how to incorporate fitness and health into the office setting:

  1. Walk as much as possible throughout the workday. Park car or motorcycle far from the office if possible.
  2. Walking across to talk and discussing job or project ideas with a colleague instead of sending an email. Stand while talking on the telephone also can move your body.
  3. Using a pedometer will help you assess how many steps you take throughout your work day; then simply make a concerted effort to continuously increase the number of steps you take daily.
  4. Cycling of your journey to work
  5. Get off one bus stop before your final destination.
  6. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or get out of the lift a few floors early, then continue using the stairs. It will burn more your calories.
  7. Take a few moments to perform stretches you can do in the office. Throughout the day try doing some stretches for your shoulders, back, arms, hips, and legs.
  8. Body weight exercises can also be easily performed in the office by using small dumble.
  9. Pack your lunch with healthy options. If you must go out to lunch, don’t over do it. Consider a salad. If you’re served an over sized lunch portion, don’t be afraid to ask for a take-home box.
  10. Replace candy and chips with fruits and vegetables as a snack.
  11. Don’t forget to practice good hygiene to help fight the spread of colds and flu. Wash your hands regularly. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.
  12. Exercise before/after work, during your lunch break or on the weekend. Your office may have a gym, or you may have access to a nearby swimming pool or squash courts. Do your most favorite sport regularly (soccer, futsal, tennis running, badminton, etc.)
  13. Gardening on the weekend get activity there and refreshing your mind.



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