Finally, moment “Today is My Last Day” has arrived

Hari ini adalah hari terakhir saya untuk bergabung dengan Thiess Indonesia. Saya masuk list surplus / PHK karena project Tamtama tutup. Tak perlulah saya ceritakan kenapa tutup. Dan berikut ini surat last day saya:


Dear All,

Today is my last day working at PT. Thiess Contractors Indonesia. Maybe its only 1 year 4 months since I join Thiess at February 2014. But within that very short time, I have learnt so many things and I got many experience and also earn so many new good friends.

Thiess gave me a change to grow my career. I really grateful I could join through Graduate Business System. Then Ive joined as Engineer Project Control at Tamtama Mine Project. I would like to express my special thanks for all of friends and support especially for team at Survey & Technology Department, Commercial Department Tamtama Mine Project, all family Tamtama Mine Project, Sangatta Mine Project, and Melak Mine Project. Thanks to all my friends which I cant mention one by one.

I do apologize for all mistake that I have done and I wish the best future for you all and Thiess.

Please keep in touch!

Best Regards,

Eko Andik Saputro

Ph +62 852 xxxx xxxx



Semoga bermanfaat!!


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